SRP Group is a key player when it comes to assisting mining companies with the installation and dismantling of their massive construction sites. The company will meet strategic needs to complete work according to schedule and planned budget. SRP Group's team of welders, plumbers, industrial mechanics and electromechanical engineers offers a consulting service that can help you significantly reduce the risk of equipment breakdown. The support group of the company is composed of a team of experienced technicians who offer a most successful support service. Groupe SRP can also help optimize your processes, improve your installations and make the right tests for your machinery.

SRP Group is affiliated to the Association des entrepreneurs spécialisés en procédé industriel du Québec (AESPIQ) and The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB).

The AESPIQ's mission is to bring together companies operating in the field of non-construction machinery. Acting as a support but also as a spokesperson, the AESPIQ protects the interests of its members and provides them with the tools and the advisory service they need to maximize their operations.

CWB: The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certifies welding companies, welding inspection agencies, welding inspectors and filler products in accordance with CSA standards and a variety of Canadian codes relating to safety and products.