SRP Group is a company established more than a decade ago.

It took root in 1997, when René Charland founded S.O.S INDUSTRIAL SERVICES. In just a few years, the company expanded considerably and gained a reputation as a leader in its field of activity. Thanks to its unparalleled professionalism and know-how in the welding and electromechanical industry, the foundations of this respected company are well established.

In 2008, René Charland founded SRP Group, a new family-oriented company. He includes his son, Nicky Charland. The company is soon becoming a staple in the areas of labor leasing as well as in the maintenance and dismantling of industrial machinery. In 2017, Nicky takes over from his father while continuing the same tradition of excellence, family and professional values that make SRP Group a respected and trusted company. For more than 11 years, the team of welders, electromechanical engineers, plumbers, technicians and SRP Group's support staff have been working together to provide a service that brings full customer satisfaction. The company has become, over time, a trusted partner and a must in its field of activity.


  • For SRP Group, customer satisfaction is a priority. The company provides its customers with efficient and meticulous work teams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • SRP's mission is to develop the skills of its workers in order to remain competitive with the needs and expectations of a constantly changing market.
  • SRP Group is committed to providing a personalized and adapted service;
  • SRP Group promotes integrity, loyalty and efficiency;
  • For SRP Group, it is important to treat customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues with respect and fairness, while listening to their needs.